Luggage Pal is a universal luggage "J" hook engineered to help the saavy traveler tote multiple bags.  Its unique design redistributes the weight of the luggage and makes toting an additional bag easier.  Constructed of stock 6061 aluminum Luggage Pal is durable, universal and easy to use.  Luggage Pal fits any bag with a strap.  So, try it on all your bags!

  Travelers struggle everyday toting multiple bags.  Placing your additional bag on top of the other makes your roller bag top heavy and difficult to balance.  Why struggle!  Keep it Simple!  Try Luggage Pal.

    Luggage Pal attaches directly to a your looping strap.  Our luggage hook is universal.  Transfer it from one bag to another.  Installing Luggage Pal is simple.  Click on the link below to see how easily it installs!    Installation Steps

 Made In America

  Luggage Pal will make your life easier.  With your strap and our hook, toting additional bags is a snap.  Can you imagine dad toting everyone's bags with one hand?  Luggage Pal has a unique stowing feature that prevents unwanted snagging when Luggage Pal is not being used.  Click on the link below to see how it stows?  Stowing Feature


  Luggage Pal is 3" wide and 2 3/4" tall.  The wider design prevents sliding.  In fact, it is almost a perfect fit for standard aviation kits or catalog bags.  Luggage Pal's wider base allows for even distribution of weight minimizing wear and tear of bag handles.  more.....



  Luggage Pal is a must for anyone.  Crewmembers, frequent travelers, business travelers, and families will benefit from Luggage Pal.  Aircrew and business travelers will find that Luggage Pal will save time and make transporting two bags a simple task.  Don't be the last one to order this new concept in travel.  Order Now!


     "I love the J Hook!  I have been looking for something like this for years.  I can swap it back and forth between various suitcases and it works just as well on all of them.  Since it works on all of my bags I am sure I will get many years of use out of the same hook."                                                 

Airbus Captain 
Federal Express Airline

     "I purchased a new bag and hated the strap.  I found this site through a web search and it has been a match made in Heaven!  I am a flight attendant for SouthWest Airlines and this universal hook fits my present strap just like a glove!  The flexibility of moving it from bag to bag is priceless.  You guys are genius!!!"

Flight Attendant 
SouthWest Airlines

     "I just started using my hook and find it to be a better deal than I originally thought......I just figured it would be more or less the same as the Eifel hook.  It is much better than that.  It has a low profile lip that catches and releases just right"

Captain MD11                                                                                                         Federal Express Airlines

      "Thanks for the J-hooks.  They are great!  I took mine to my luggage repair lady, and had her make a new strap that works with it.  I also gave her your website.  So, on my first trip with the new strap, it worked great."

Airbus First Officer                                                                                                  Federal Express Airlines

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